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Probiotic bacteria consumption is reputed for its positive effects on the action and balance of intestinal microbiota, such as inhibiting the growth of pathogen microorganisms, modulation of the immune system, bioavailability of micronutrients and the regulation of bowel functions, etc.

In 2001 the WHO and the FAO gave an official definition of probiotics: ‘living micro-organisms, which, when admi-nistered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host, beyond traditional nutritional effects’.

We pay particular attention to scientific breakthroughs in this domain, in order to guarantee a selection of the most potentially efficient probiotic strains for health benefits. Working directly with our customers, Genibio offers the best suited and most efficient probiotic formulae.

In order to offer you safe and stable products over time, we have implemented a strict strain evaluation process of available lactic bacteria strains and Bifidobacteria, by using a large panel of tests and controls, from the initial step right through to the finished product.

Strain selection and objectivation

Taxonomy and food safety

The raw material supplier guarantees the origin, identity, purity and precise taxonomy and genetic stability over time. The selected strains are commonly used in the food industry and are totally safe for human consumption. They are all on the QPS list (Qualified Presumption of Safety, EFSA, 2013).


Viability tests are performed throughout the production process to guarantee the presence of viable bacterial population in the finished product in compliance with the recommended daily intake: from some billions to tens of billions of viable microorganisms. Strains are fragile and could easily be damaged during process and storage before use. Thorough ageing studies are carried out systematically in various conditions of temperature and hygrometry. We offer formulations which are stable 2 years at room temperature.

In vitro objectivation

In co-operation with several expert laboratories, Genibio has validated a range of in vitro tests for the evaluation of probiotic potential of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria strains: survival rate in gastroduodenal models, inhibition of the growth of pathogen strains, production of antimicrobial substances, adhesion to intestinal mucosa and immunomodulatory properties.

Example of a gastroduodenal model:

gastro duodenal system


We offer original and innovative formulations associating one or more strains and other active components having synergistic effects such as oligosaccharide prebiotics, some trace elements, vitamins and plant extracts . They can also improve the survival rate and growth of probiotic strains during their transit in the human digestive system.


Genibio produces bulk mixes of the powder probiotics. We have developed a complete quality management system, according to ISO 9001, and a food safety system based on a HACCP approach certified ISO 22000, to provide you with safe and compliant products throughout their shelf-life.

List of available strains

Contact us for more info on a particular strain.


Glucooligosaccharides prebiotics

GENIBIO has set up an alpha-glucooligosaccharides biocatalysis production workshop , resulting from our expertise . The main unit operations are:

• Enzymatic Synthesis
• Sugar demineralization
• Ion exchange chromatography purification
• Concentration by nanofiltration and vacuum evaporation

The purified product is marketed as a syrup, adapted to the formulation of personal care products, or a powder for the manufacture of food supplements or dietary products.

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Freeze drying

Freeze-drying workshop(medicinal plant extracts, food ingredients)

In 2012 , the company implements a standardized herbal extracts freeze-drying process for the market of herbal medicine .

In 2013, GENIBIO has been certified by ECOCERT as operator in Organic Agriculture as part of its freeze-drying activities.

In 2014, GENIBIO includes new products in its freeze-drying process(milk and food ingredients of animal or vegetable origin).

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Control & Analysis

Microbiological analysis applied to Food, Medical Devices and Cosmetics fields

Our laboratory meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17025 .

We have a class A(ISO 5) clean room allowing microbiological testing in high security conditions, such as sterility tests . Each sector has a specific room with appropriate equipment .

Our quality system enforces strict compliance of the hygiene and safety rules .
Regulations and technical implementation monitoring allows continuous updating.

• Microbiological analysis on any type of matrix : food, cosmetic , medical device, ...
• Microorganism identification
• Bactericidal , fungicidal actions
• Environmental Monitoring
• Facilities Qualifications
• Monitoring, audit, consulting , protocol development

Genibio's laboratory has the Cofrac accreditation for its Cosmetics and Medical Devices Units

certification cofrac
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